Tower Defense Kit Now MULTI-PLATFORM!

Revised version of the original using a fantastic piece of coding by Fusion user Crusher!  Now fully multi-platform compatible.

Please excuse the awful graphics, but hey, it's a template!

Check it out HERE

Easing Widget

The Easing Widget makes it too easy to add tweening movement, rotation and scaling to your project within seconds. Perfect for HTML5 or mobile apps, presentations, game menus and even player and enemy objects.

The widget requires no extensions, supports duplicates and is compatible with all runtimes. It features 11 easing functions (including linear) with 41 possible movements in total. The code does not contain loops and is optimised for performance.

Just copy the widget into your frame, set a few variables and you're good to go. Easy!


Open World Platformer with Normal Mapping

Unlimited open-world platformer example with array collisions and normal map lighting. Uses a custom shader which is included in the .zip file.


Screenshots (large gifs):

Shadows are possible using the surface object. Examples are available on the Clickteam forums.

Many thanks to Javis Jones for the character sprite, Anders, Tompa, Sketchy and the Clickteam community for the support.

A tutorial video (short and easy):

Isometric 3D Lighting Engine

This open-source example is an engine and level editor for the creation of three dimensional scenes and levels. With this engine you can easily build any type of isometric game and add powerful dynamic lighting. The engine in it's base form is high-performance, uses no extensions** or shaders and supports all runtimes***. It is scalable and includes a complete tool kit allowing for user defined parameters such as tile size, the ability to easily work with your own tilesets, adjustable light ranges, custom movement and more.

- Dynamic 3D lighting and shadows
- Dynamic tile loading 
- Smooth 3D platform movement with sensible controls 
- Level editor with load and save 
- Simple interface
- Includes a pathfinding example for multiple objects

The core engine is <40 events, clearly presented and fully commented so implementing it in your own projects is a breeze!

* Some tiles shown here and in the video are from opengameart.org and are not included.
** UltimateFullscreen, Pathfinding object and Surface object must be installed to open but can be removed
*** For lighting HWA must be supported

Eternal Orbit

Started off as an exercise in unit count and became a more or less fully featured physics-based RTS. Coming soon!

Game Features: 
- 3 difficulty levels 
- Custom game type 
- Factory waypoints 
- Spawn multiple units 
- Scroll and move units using minimap
- Theoretically unlimited AI players (currently 4 available) 
- Dynamic music

Engine Features: 
- 500-1000 total units (depending on CPU) 
- 360 shooting and smooth rotation 
- Automatic harvesters 
- Adjustable window size and fullscreen option (fits all resolutions above 1280x720) 
- Fog of war (visibility) 
- Four unit AI states 
- Smooth scrolling 
- Parallax starfield

Tower Defense Kit 1.0

This kit contains a basic game template for use in tower defence games of all types. 

It is performance-optimised for 2000+ towers and enemies. Includes dynamic pathfinding, efficient area of effect/range checks, adjustable tower ranges and many other useful features.

Fully commented with extra advice for beginners.

Uses Pathfinding Object, Select Object Extension and Layer Object.

Windows runtime only, for now. 



Normal Mapping in Fusion

Doing some grid-based lighting tests led to some interesting discoveries regarding normal maps and how they can be used with Fusion 2.5 - currently the normal map shader is loaded on every tile, not ideal but it maintains a steady framerate on a good system. It would be worth trying to tile and render the normal maps onto a single surface in the shader, download the example and feel free to do so! Further shader manipulation may take place in future.

Some screens (beware! large gifs):

The above screenshot shows added shadows using one of two examples available on the Clickteam forums.

A tutorial video (short and easy):


Update on Isometric Engine

Some latest screens, expected release date: very close.

The UI and some funky colours

Test screen for colour blending, higher lights, all shadows enabled


Easing Widget Update

Added the Easing Widget to the open source page, available for only 99c from CLICKSTORE.  Very simple to use widget for those with MMF2 or Fusion 2.5. Just copy it into your frame, choose your function, set your start, end and time values and ease!  Get with the times and add slick motion tweening to your projects within seconds.  A 'lite' version will be available for free but by buying it you will be supporting future cheap and highly useful software gadgetry.