Isometric 3D Lighting Engine

This open-source example is an engine and level editor for the creation of three dimensional scenes and levels. With this engine you can easily build any type of isometric game and add powerful dynamic lighting. The engine is high-performance, uses no extensions or shaders and supports all runtimes*. Includes a complete tool kit allowing for user defined parameters such as tile size, the ability to easily work with your own tilesets, adjustable light ranges, custom movement and more.

- Dynamic 3D lighting and shadows
- Dynamic tile loading 
- Smooth 3D platform movement with sensible controls 
- Level editor with load and save 
- Simple interface 

The core engine is <40 events, clearly presented and fully commented so implementing it in your own projects is a breeze! Available soon on ClickStore.

*except HTML5 which currently does not support RGB coefficient but may in future. HWA supported runtimes are recommended. Tested and working in Flash, iOS and Windows.